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Hello "Better Travel Photos", Welcome to London!

It is hard to believe that almost 6 years have gone by since I first set out on this adventure known as Better Paris Photos! I still remember writing the first registration in my agenda and the thrill I felt in preparing to meet new people and help them have incredible photography experiences in Paris!

Very quickly, I got extremely busy providing photo tours and portrait sessions. As word spread, I soon needed help. It was time to team up with other photographers, and Hermione McCosh was the first one to join me. We worked hard together, shared ideas and had loads of fun. Month after month, demand for our activities continued to grow and before we knew it, our tandem had become the current team of amazing photographers that teach photography on photo tours and capture your smiles in portrait sessions.

Along the way, many of you asked if we offered similar photography activities in other cities. 'Not yet’ used to be the answer. But not any more…

Big News! (we are coming to London)

We are very happy and excited to announce that starting on May 15th, 2014 you will also find us in London. This is a diverse and dynamic city that offers a range of photographic opportunities. We will start with only a few popular itineraries and add more very soon. Our arrival in London will be in good hands as Hermione will head back to her native British land after several years delivering our services in Paris. She will soon be joined by other photographers, and we’ll provide details on that shortly.

Still more news! (we have a new name)

Of course, our arrival in London also means we need a new name. While Better Paris Photos has served us well for years, it will retire to make room for our new name, Better Travel Photos. The name change reflects not only our presence now in two cities, but also our big plans for more locations to come in the future. There are just so many places we’d love to help travelling photographers have great experiences.

Ready for more big news? (we have a new website)

With a new city and a new name, we could not stop there… Today we are also launching a brand new website to reflect these big changes and make way for additional features we want to offer. Our new home has a contemporary look that we hope you like as much as we do. You’ll find information on our various photography services in Paris and London, new photo galleries to present these activities, biographies and portfolios for each of our photographers and a growing selection of articles and reviews on our blog. We are working on many more features that we hope to introduce in the near future.

Changes at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too

We haven’t forgotten about social media either. A new Facebook page is being launched today, and a new Twitter account will follow shortly, to reflect our new name and focus on travel photography more generally. We hope you will come and be social with us at our new homes, although we will also continue to engage on the existing ones. And while our Pinterest address stays the same, our page will now sport the new name, and will bring you a more diverse selection of images and subject boards.

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Celebrate with us this Spring! (with 20% off)

With Spring on the way, registrations for photo tours and portrait sessions are rolling in for Paris, and we begin accepting registrations for London today for tours beginning on May 15th, 2014. To help you join us in celebrating our arrival in London, we'll give you 20% off the registration fees for any activity reserved in London between May 15th and June 30th. To benefit from this rebate, just use the promotion code LDN20 when you register.

As you can tell, we are really excited about all these changes and can't wait to show you around London soon. We hope to see you in Paris and London, and maybe elsewhere, this year!

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About the Author

Sophie Pasquet

Sophie Pasquet

Sophie has been a photographer, educator and traveller for most of her adult life. She founded Better Paris Photos in 2008 (which became Better Travel Photos in 2014) to deliver exceptional photography experiences to travellers.

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