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5 Options to Protect Your Camera and Keep Shooting

Rainy days may look grey at a first glance, but that doesn’t mean they are not suitable for taking some great photos! The light is usually even and the rain saturates colours. Shooting in the rain can be lots of fun and you can definitely create images you would otherwise completely miss. The trick is to keep your gear well protected. Here’s are some solutions so you keep your camera dry and still create unique images.

1. Professional and Heavy Duty Rain Protection

Professional rain protection equipment is specifically designed for cameras and comes in all shapes, sizes and prices. Many options will have special sleeves, space to include the external flash, and a clear window in the back to let you control the camera, change batteries and memory cards. If you plan to do a lot of photography in the rain, this is a good investment. However, these solutions, even though extremely waterproof, may turn out to be cumbersome and take some space in your camera bag.

Protect your gear

2. Light and Easy to Use RainSleeve

A lighter, simpler and more affordable solution is RainSleeve. Made of transparent plastic, it folds easily, weights almost nothing and has a special strap for easy adjustment around the lens. Any photographer should have one of those in the camera bag. These can also be useful to protect your camera and lens if you are photographing large waterfalls and concerned about getting your equipment a bit wet, or to avoid salted sea spray if you are on photographing on boat on the ocean. 

Protect your gear

3. DIY Solutions

For those who like to keep it simple, yet practical, or when the rain comes unexpectedly and there is no time to rush to the store, there are several DIY solutions. Shower caps and transparent plastic bags are your number one material. Place your camera inside, measure and cut out an opening for the lens in the bottom part of the bag and fix it with elastic band. Done! 

Protect your gear

4. Umbrella with a grip

You might want to have protection not only for your camera, but also for yourself. Holding a regular umbrella and taking photos simultaneously might be challenging, since you need both hands to operate the camera. There is a solution: an umbrella with a special grip from Brolly that allows you to hold the umbrella and have all of your fingers available for the camera!

Protect your gear

5. Lens Hood

Lens hoods are good protectors not only against lens flare, but also in the rain and will minimize the risk of getting drops on the front lens. Cylindrical lens hoods will give your lens more protection than petal shape hoods. A good alternative is a rubber lens hood: its flexibility allows to collapse or extend the hood depending on the shooting angle, and gives more protection in case of rain. 

Protect your gear

With all that rain protection gear there is no more excuse to leave the camera at home on a wet day! Go out, capture the world in the rain, get creative and share your results with us.

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