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You in Paris: Best Couple Moments of 2015

There is one sure way to start smiling: to revisit the photos we took of our wonderful couples during the past year in Paris. Each session brings back plenty of fantastic memories of that day, the moments of affinity and joy, of jokes and laughter, sweet surprises and unexpected catches. We thank our participants again for sharing these moments with us!

Best couple moments 7

Best couple moments 1

Best couple moments 2

Best couple moments 3

Best couple moments 4

Best couple moments 6

Best couple moments 5

For more images from Nadia, see her profile.

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Nadia Gric

Nadia Gric

Nadia is passionate about the visual aspect of life and the personalities she meets along the way. Living in the heart of Paris, Nadia never stops exploring the City of Light through her camera and readily shares her knowledge and love for photography.