Instructional Photo Tours in London

An exceptional new way to learn photography

Join us on a photo tour to learn to create beautiful images while discovering the diversity that London offers. With a professional photographer at your side, you too can take striking images that have impact. Our city photographers tailor these short photography courses to the skill level of participants, from beginners through to serious advanced amateurs.

With our friendly tutoring and guidance, you can quickly learn new photography skills and have fun exploring the city. You will be sure to go home with fabulous photos of your visit!

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Features of a Photo Tour

 Discover London through photography

Choose from various areas in this vibrant city, from the classic sites, to trendy neighbourhoods or even somewhere off the beaten path. In this immersive experience, we supplement instruction and photo review with a few London stories along the way.

 Learn from professional photographers

Our photography tutors love to share their expertise with you, and tailor their instruction according to your skill level. Practice makes perfect: you receive immediate feedback and suggestions to help you progress quickly, while having fun photographing London!

 Master your camera

With easy to follow instructions we help you navigate your camera's functions, allowing you to take creative control through manual settings and proper exposure. We answer your questions and teach you to use your camera to meet your photography objectives.

 Release your creative side

Beyond the technical aspect of your camera, we discuss the importance of developing your photographic eye, how to anticipate a scene and what makes a compelling image. We give you some short ‘photo challenges’ to expand your skills and have fun at the same time.

 Choose the best option for you

We offer several durations, from short half day and evening sessions, through to multi-day experiences. Choose the length of your photo tour according to your schedule and interests to make the most of your time in London.

 More photo fun beyond London

With practice at home and elsewhere, your new photo skills will continue to improve even after you leave London. We invite you to stay in touch with us, share your photos, read our blog articles and ask questions. We love to hear from you!

Tour Itineraries

(click a thumbnail to see sample images from each itinerary)

DS7 7565

Iconic London

London is a diverse and dynamic city with a wide range of photographic opportunities. On the classic itinerary, you explore many of the iconic London sites such as Big Ben and the Parliament, Trafalgar square with its fountains, the colourful Horseguards parade and life in the nearby streets. There are plenty of learning opportunities as we help you create photos that you will want to frame and display at home.


Around St Paul’s Cathedral and the City

Full of contrasts, this area is where the juxtaposition of old London and new creates a variety of photographic scenes. The imposing St Paul’s Cathedral, the modern Millennium bridge and the effervescent City offer plenty of occasions to capture the busy Londoner’s life as well as quiet moments in hidden corners.



Five centuries of London’s architecture and life mix together in Southwark. The famous Borough Market next to the Southwark Cathedral and the Shard Skyscraper set the stage as we start this photo tour. Further on, the animated street performers by the Tate Modern, and the views of the Millennium bridge for images with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background complete a fantastic series of photo opportunities.

Big Ben at Night

Night Photography

If you like London by day, you will love it when the lights come up at night. Learn the art of night photography and capture the blue light around some of the main attractions along the Thames river for striking images. Bring your camera, a set of fully charged batteries and your tripod - we can provide you one for a small fee if necessary. Dress according to the weather and be ready for cool evenings.

Our Tour Packages

Half Day Tour

  • 3.5 hours
  • AM (8h45 start)
  • or PM (start varies)


  • up to 2 people
  • (£65/pers. for 3+)
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Night Tour

  • 3 hours
  • start time varies
  • tripod rental available (£10)


  • up to 2 people
  • (£85/pers. for 3+)
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Full Day Tour

  • 7 hours
  • AM & PM
  • lunch not included


  • up to 2 people
  • (£105/pers. for 3+)
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Multi-Day Tour

  • 7 hours/day
  • from 2-4 days
  • lunches not included


  • up to 2 people
  • (£85/day/pers. for 3+)
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Combo Packages - Save £40

Combine any two activities and receive a £40 rebate on the total fees. Popular combinations include:

  •  Half Day Tour & Night Tour: £320 (instead of £360)
  •  Full Day Tour & Night Tour: £400 (instead of £440)
  •  Half Day Tour & Portrait Session: £365 (instead of £405)

Shared Tour Option

When two separate registrants of similar interest and skill "share" a tour, both registrants receive a rebate on their activity fees (£40 rebate for each half day shared; £60 rebate for each full day shared). If you are willing to share your tour, select this option when you register and we will let you know if the tour will be shared.

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What Others Are Saying

  •  This was a truly wonderful and informative tour. My instructor Brian was fantastic and really catered the tour to my needs. He was able to customise his teaching method for my preferred learning style. Brian was very patient and personable and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone wishing to learn more about photography. 

    - Anonymous (Australia, December 2013)

  •  I enjoyed the relaxed, friendly and unhurried pace of the tour together with the patient and respectful way information and techniques were explained. I am particularly pleased with the techniques and skills learnt for night photography and the images then captured. I enjoyed being taken to places I would not have otherwise seen or experienced. I had the benefit of both a small group tour and one-on-one tours. 

    - Graeme (Australia, October 2013)

  •  I just wanted to send you a quick email to say how much I enjoyed the photography excursion today. I would like to especially commend Hermione as being a charming and professional instructor. Her balance between instruction and allowing me to learn by my mistakes was perfect. 

    - Martin (September 2011)

Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beginners take this photo tour?

Absolutely! Our London photo tours are designed to provide something for all skill levels. We spend extra time with people who need guidance with their camera and photography principles. Get as familiar as possible with your camera, and bring the manual with you so we can review some useful functions with you.

2. Will experienced photographers learn anything?

Even the most experienced photographers can learn from sharing ideas and getting feedback. In addition to new ideas to improve your photography, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of London. We help you save valuable time usually lost searching out the right spots and the right angles.

3. What equipment do I need?

No need to run to the store! Bring your camera and a good pair of walking shoes. If you have several lenses, only bring a couple of them, keeping in mind the need for quick reaction with street scenes. In the end, the goal is to help you capture the moment with the equipment you have.

4. Can my non-photographer companion come along?

Travel companions with or without cameras are always welcome. The basic photo tour rate allows for two people, but the second need not be a photographer. For more than two people the activity rate is calculated per person.

5. Where do the photo tours start and end?

We will pre-determine a starting place in London depending on the agreed itinerary. From there we will have a short introductory and orientation session before heading out on the streets. At the end of the photo tour, our tutors will provide you with directions to get back to your hotel.

6. What is a shared photo tour?

A photo tour is shared when two separate registrants agree to 'share' the activity. Because we match photography skills and interests, we cannot guarantee your photo tour will be shared even if you ask for it. When a good match is found, we let you know and you can then benefit from the shared tour rebate.

7. What if it rains?

Great photographs are possible in all kinds of weather. Photo tours in London will not be cancelled due to rain but we may consider alternative itineraries. Now, if it is really nasty out there, we’ll do our best to reschedule. We are reasonable folks!

8. What is included and excluded from the fees?

The fees cover only the time and expertise of the tutors. Meals, snacks, drinks and public transportation tickets are not included. You are also responsible for your own international transportation to London, as well as medical and travel insurance.

9. When and how do I pay?

Once we have agreed on a date, a tour duration, the number of people involved and a final price, you will be directed to our payment page for payment via Paypal. Early reservation will ensure maximum flexibility to match your schedule while in town. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours for any registration.

10. What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the agreed tour date, you will receive a full refund. Refunds made more than 60 days after the initial payment was made are subject to a 15£ fee for bank transaction fees. No refunds are provided for cancellations within two weeks of the start date.

More detailed information about some of the above questions is set out in our Terms and Conditions, which all photo tour participants must formally accept at the time of registration for a tour.