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This is your story... This is your time... This is You in London!

London is a vibrant and dynamic city. Whether you are discovering it for the first time, or return to it because you can’t get enough, we preserve your own special moment with beautiful portrait photos of You in London!

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Features of a Portrait Session

 Take a piece of London home with you

Capture your visit to London with backdrops such as Big Ben for your portrait photos, the Westminster bridge, and the streets around. Maybe a stroll around Notting Hill is more your style, taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea along the way… We have a selection of favourite spots that we know you will like!

 Contemporary and casual style

It is your smile and emotions that make your time in London so unforgettable. Our photographers use a casual and journalistic approach to record those moments. Dress up for the occasion or come as you are. You may receive some direction, but mostly you can expect just to hear 'Have fun, you are in London!'

 A package for every occasion

Only have a couple of hours for your portrait session? No worries. We offer packages of various duration to accommodate your busy schedule of activies in London. We recommend to go early in the morning to have the city to yourself or late in the day to get images in the nice late afternoon light.

 Stunning on-line gallery

Access the retouched photographs from your portrait session in a private online gallery within 10-14 days, and download high resolution digital image files to use as you like. The digital files allow for photographic prints that meet the most demanding needs, or simply share the images in your gallery with family and friends.

Destination Options

(click a thumbnail to see sample images from each destination)

Around Big Ben and Parliament

Around Big Ben and Parliament

Big Ben and its large chiming clock make London instantly recognizable. We start by the famous parliament for some classic views of the tower and capture you walking along the bridge. We then continue towards Westminster Abbey and the many small gardens in the area for more casual yet elegant portraits of you in London. (sample portfolio)

Stroll around Notting Hill

A stroll around Notting Hill

This area on the West side of London is full of typical English charm and caracter making it perfect for a casual and fun portrait session. The small streets of Notting Hill set the stage for unique photos of you enjoying a stroll through the famous Portobello market, browsing the many boutiques or enjoying a cup of tea on a terrace on a sunny day. (sample portfolio)

Our Portrait Packages

The Traveler

  • 90 minute session
  • 20-30 retouched images
  • one location


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The Discoverer

  • 2 hour session
  • 30-40 retouched images
  • one or two locations


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The Adventurer

  • 2.5 hour session
  • 40-50 retouched images
  • two locations


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  • have special needs
  • during your visit
  • to London?

fee varies

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Electronic Delivery (included)

  •  private online gallery available within 10-14 days
  •  download high resolution files for making large prints
Photographer Hermione McCosh

Our Photographer in London:

Hermione McCosh thrives in capturing the personality of visitors through portraiture in London. (Read more...)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions? Here are answers to the questions we receive most frequently:

1. What should I wear?

First, decide if you would like to dress up for the occasion or be casual. If you come as a couple or as a family, you will look best if you all decide on the same style. We suggest solid colours and no shiny fabrics. Ladies, please avoid shiny hosiery! You can also check our Pinterest boards for ideas and inspiration.

2. Can I change clothing during the session?

Of course, you can change outfits during the session. We do our best to find a quiet corner for a quick change, however keep in mind that you will be in a public place and changing from top to bottom might be a little difficult. Feel free to bring different hats or scarves for a quick fashion change.

3. How far in advance do I need to book?

Booking a few weeks in advance will ensure we can schedule your preferred date and time. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests but cannot guarantee availability.

4. When do I need to pay?

Once we agree on a date and time, we will send you a link for easy online payment. The full payment for the session confirms the booking and ensures the session is blocked in our calendar.

5. Will I get a refund if I need to cancel?

Booking your portrait session well in advance is a very good idea. If you need to cancel for any reason, we are happy to refund the full amount minus a payment processing fee of 20£. If we need to cancel at any time, you receive full reimbursement.

6. What happens if it rains?

In case of rain, the situation should be discussed by phone on the day of the portrait session with the photographer. If it is determined with the photographer that the weather really prevents the session from taking place, we will do our best to reschedule it given your and our schedule. If this is not possible, we will happily refund the session.

7. Do I receive all the photos taken during the session?

No, not all the images taken are provided in the gallery. The photographer will select the best images for post-processing and you will receive only the number of processed images in the package that was selected (usually a few more). As a matter of professional practice, we do not provide any unprocessed image files to any client, regardless of the circumstances.

8. What can I do with the digital images?

We offer digital images for good reasons: we understand you want to share your photos with family and friends, make Holiday cards, scrapbooks and more. Your favourite photo lab near your home will be able to use the high resolution files to print enlargements as well if needed. The bottom line is you can do anything your heart desires with them.

9. Can I see samples from the assigned photographer?

Of course! All of our photographers have their own profile pages showcasing samples of their photography of London and their portrait photography. Once you have been assigned a photographer, have a look at their profiles and sample galleries.

10. How many people can book a shoot together?

This is a time-based model, so you can include as many people as you like, but for more than 4 people, consider additional time to ensure that everyone is captured well.

Still have more questions? If you cannot find the answers to your questions about this activity, please feel free to contact us to ask any additional questions.