Instructional Photo Tours in Paris

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A new way to experience the City of Light

Join us for an educational and fun activity that will help you create beautiful photographs while discovering Paris. With the proven and friendly tutoring of our professional photographers, you will quickly learn new photography skills, improve your images of Paris and discover areas you might not otherwise have found.

Whether you are a beginner or a serious advanced amateur, we provide photography instruction and advice tailored to your level. On your next trip to Paris, we can help you learn photography and send you home with photos - and new skills - that will make you proud!

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Features of a Photo Tour

 Discover Paris through photography

Choose from various areas in the city to capture the famous monuments, the intimate street scenes or the sleek lines of modern architecture. While our focus is on improving your photography skills, we also take time out to review your photos, share practical tips or simply tell a few stories about Paris.

 Learn from professional photographers

The tutors at Better Travel Photos are easy-going and have a wealth of photography experience. They share their photography knowledge through easy-to-understand instruction, allowing you to progress quickly. Receive immediate feedback to take your photography skills to the next level.

 Understand your camera

Take creative control of your camera by learning to use manual settings and mastering exposure through proper light metering. Technical photography instruction is tailored to your level and presented in non-technical language. Our tutors will review with you the most important settings of your camera.

 Unleash your photographic creativity

Beyond the camera talk, our main focus is on the visual elements of good composition and what makes a compelling photograph. We give you fun exercises to get the creative juices flowing and help you think outside the box. Paris provides an ideal backdrop for a wide variety of styles and techniques.

 Choose your learning bite size

Choose from a variety of lengths, from short half day photo tours through to multi-day activities to immerse yourself in the world of photography in Paris. Learn to catch the night lights through night photography sessions. Organize one or more activities around your schedule to make the most of your time in Paris.

 Continue to improve your photography

Of course, your new photography skills are good beyond the streets of Paris and will last a lifetime. You can continue practicing the exercises at home and on your next trip. We invite you to stay in touch with us, ask more questions or simply share your photos. We are always happy to hear from you!

Photo Tour Itineraries

(click a thumbnail to see sample images from each itinerary)

Photo of the Marais

The Marais

After being neglected for many years, the Marais is now a vibrant ‘quartier’ of central Paris and has kept much of its original charm. This area is unique for the diversity of photography opportunities it can offer. There are plenty of occasions to photograph lively Parisian street scenes, candid images in hidden gardens and traditional café terraces, as well as special moments in the Jewish quarter. (sample photos)

Photos of Palais Royale and the covered passages

Palais Royal & Covered Passages

A few steps from the rue de Rivoli, Palais Royal offers a respite with its garden, fountains and children playing ball under the trees. Further on, the covered passages have kept the picturesque charm of old Paris with their wooden moulding and unique glass roofs. Away from the main crowds, these are perfect locations to create your own vintage and black and white photographs of Paris. (sample photos)

Photos of Classic Paris

Classic Paris

Of course, there are also the classic sites of Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre with its pyramid, Notre Dame and the river banks. These famous sites can be crowded, and yet we’ll show you ways to avoid photos full of tourists! This photo tour is a joyful way to create unique images and memories to take back home with you. (sample photos)

Photos of Montmartre


Clinging to the northern hill of Paris, Montmartre is known for its village atmosphere and artistic community that lived there. Romantic stairways, artists at work, small cabarets where famous painters met with their friends, and cobble stone streets set the stage for this photo tour. After some time around some of the main site, we explore some little known corners of the hill away from the crowds. (sample photos)

Photos of Faubourg St Antoine

Faubourg St Antoine

This is definitely Paris away from the tourist crowds. In an area known for its small alleys and old furniture artisans, this is where every day life takes place. Depending on the day, we also explore a market and may pay a visit to artisans at work. Because of the intimate exploration, this tour is only available certain days of the week and limited to two participants per photo tour. (sample photos)

Photos of La Defense

La Defense

To the West of Paris and away from the famous sites, La Défense brings a compelling contrast with the rest of the capital. Its large ‘Arche’ is located in the heart of the business district and closes the historical axis which starts at the Louvre. The modern architecture offers many creative photo opportunities, from abstract and minimalitst styles to contemporary Parisian scenes. (sample photos)

Photos of night photography in Paris

Night Photography

Paris becomes even more spectacular in the evening when the lights are on. You can choose from two different itineraries to learn the art of night photography and capture the 'blue light' around the Louvre and Concorde or around Notre Dame and the Alexandre III bridge. A tripod is required for these sessions but we can provide one if necessary (small fee applies). Note that Night Tours are only offered from September thru May due to the late nightfall in summer. (sample photos)

Photo Tour Packages

Half Day Tour

  • 3.5 hours
  • AM (8h45 start)
  • or PM (start varies)


  • up to 2 people
  • (80€/each for 3+)
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Night Tour

  • 3 hours
  • September to May only
  • tripod rental available (10€)


  • up to 2 people
  • (100€/each for 3+)
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Full Day Tour

  • 7 hours
  • AM & PM
  • lunch not included


  • up to 2 people
  • (125€/each for 3+)
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Multi-Day Tour

  • 7 hours/day
  • from 2-4 days
  • lunches not included


  • up to 2 people
  • (100€/day/each for 3+)
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Combo Packages - Save 50€

Participate in any two separate photography activities and receive a 50€ rebate on the total fees. Popular combinations include:

  •  Half Day Tour & Night Tour: 385€ (instead of 435€)
  •  Full Day Tour & Night Tour: 480€ (instead of 530€)
  •  Half Day Tour & Portrait Session: 444€ (instead of 494€)
  • (Note: each photography activity is conducted separately)

Shared Photo Tour Option

When two separate registrants of similar interest and skill "share" a photo tour, both registrants receive a rebate on their activity fees (50€ rebate for each half day shared; 75€ rebate for each full day shared). If you are willing to share your photo tour, select this option when you register and we will let you know if the tour will be shared.

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What Others Are Saying

  •  I took this tour with my father and my two teenage daughters. Elena was wonderful at showing us all how to get the best from our cameras as well as getting our eye in to make the most of the rest of our stay. My daughters have taken the information all in and are having a wonderful time putting the theory to practice. A great way to start off. Thank you all very much. 

    - Karen (Australia, December 2013)

     I learned SO MUCH on this photo tour with Sophie. I not only learned how to use my camera much better on it's manual setting, but I also learned to not go for the expected angle or shot, but to take my time, think outside the box & always be observant. Some of my favorite pictures I've ever taken were on this tour. It made me a MUCH better photographer. I highly recommend this tour! 

    - Paula (US, June 2013)

  •  My wife surprised me on our Honeymoon with a Photo Tour from Better Paris Photos. Looking back on our trip, it will always be one of our great memories. Hermione was our guide and she was absolutely perfect. Within minutes we felt like she was a long lost cousin...she has a way about her that is very comfortable and genuine. She started by asking me questions to determine what my knowledge level was and then we started shooting. I learned so much from her about composition, camera settings, exposure compensation, metering, etc. I give Hermione my highest recommendation possible. Thank you, Hermione, for sharing your gift and talent in photography with me. 

    - John (US, May 2012)

  •  This is the second year in a row that we've engaged Better Paris Photos. We met Hermione and Elena. Both are excellent. Besides being good photographers and good teachers, they have engaging personalities and it's fun to walk around Paris with them. We have some great photos we would never have taken without their help. Highly recommended. 

    - Donna (US, December 2013)

     I had a great photo tour with Catherine and I learned a lot and got some great tips on how to take great photos in different perspectives. The overall experience with Better Travel Photos was great. The communication and the reservation process was smooth. 

    - Adil (Australia, December 2013)

Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beginners take this photo tour?

Absolutely! Our Paris photo tours are designed to provide something for all skill levels. We spend extra time with people who need guidance with their camera and photography principles. Get as familiar as possible with your camera, and bring the manual with you so we can review some useful functions with you.

2. Will experienced photographers learn anything?

Even the most experienced photographers can learn from sharing ideas and getting feedback. In addition to new ideas to improve your photography, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of Paris. We help you save valuable time usually lost searching out the right spots and the right angles.

3. What equipment do I need?

No need to run to the store! Bring your camera and a good pair of walking shoes. If you have several lenses, only bring a couple of them, keeping in mind the need for quick reaction with street scenes. In the end, the goal is to help you capture the moment with the equipment you have.

4. Can my non-photographer companion come along?

Travel companions with or without cameras are always welcome. The basic photo tour rate allows for two people, but the second need not be a photographer. For more than two people the activity rate is calculated per person.

5. Where do the photo tours start and end?

We will pre-determine a starting place in Paris depending on the agreed itinerary. From there we will have a short introductory and orientation session before heading out on the streets. At the end of the photo tour, our tutors will provide you with directions to get back to your hotel.

6. What is a shared photo tour?

A photo tour is shared when two separate registrants agree to 'share' the activity. Because we match photography skills and interests, we cannot guarantee your photo tour will be shared even if you ask for it. When a good match is found, we let you know and you can then benefit from the shared tour rebate.

7. What if it rains?

Great photographs are possible in all kinds of weather. Photo tours in Paris will not be cancelled due to rain but we may consider alternative itineraries. Now, if it is really nasty out there, we’ll do our best to reschedule. We are reasonable folks!

8. What is included and excluded from the fees?

The fees cover only the time and expertise of the tutors. Meals, snacks, drinks and public transportation tickets are not included. You are also responsible for your own international transportation to Paris, as well as medical and travel insurance.

9. When and how do I pay?

Once we have agreed on a date, a tour duration, the number of people involved and a final price, you will be directed to our payment page for payment via Paypal. Early reservation will ensure maximum flexibility to match your schedule while in town. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours for any registration.

10. What if I need to cancel?

If you cancel at least two weeks prior to the agreed tour date, you will receive a full refund. Refunds made more than 60 days after the initial payment was made are subject to a 15€ fee for bank transaction fees. No refunds are provided for cancellations within two weeks of the start date.

More detailed information about some of the above questions is set out in our Terms and Conditions, which all photo tour participants must formally accept at the time of registration for a tour.