Photography Workshops in Paris

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Immerse Yourself in the World of Photography

Get inspired and develop your passion for photography while exploring Paris. Our photography workshops are designed to help you take better images, progress quickly and have fun while learning.

These 4.5 day workshops are personally led by Sophie Pasquet, founder of Better Travel Photos. The sessions strike a balance between discussion of the creative process, technical instruction and hands-on field practice. We'll also spend several meals together engaged in more casual conservations about photography and about Paris, and just getting to know one another.

Learn, practice and have fun on a photography workshop in Paris. Ladies, we even have one dedicated to women only!

 Workshop Dates

Our 2015-2016 Workshop schedule will be announced soon.

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Features of our Photography Workshops

 Release the artist in you

Learn to recognize the visual elements of creative framing and composition. Discussions, individual tutoring and field exercises help you progress quickly to refine your photographic eye.

 Understand your camera

Take control of your camera through better understanding of its main functions. Master manual settings, proper exposure through light metering and have your technical questions answered.

 Feedback on your photography

Practice makes perfect! Personalized comments and suggestions will help you improve your photgraphy throughout the workshop. Go out of your 'comfort zone' and try new techniques.

 Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Starting with the opening orientation dinner, there are plenty of casual opportunities to exchange ideas with the others and learn together. New lifelong friendships start here.

 Small groups

The small group environment of no more than eight participants guarantees a supportive atmosphere for sharing photography ideas, techniques and instruction.

 Paris is your classroom

Capture the classic architecture and the romance of the city. Learn to recognize photographic situations, anticipate street scenes, and catch the lights at night. Paris is a feast for photographers.

Photography Workshops in ParisPhotography Workshops in ParisPhotography Workshops in Parismoulin-rouge-314

Sample Workshop Programme

Day 0 Sunday – Orientation
PM Meet at a designated meeting point. Introduction and orientation
  Review of participants photography objectives, workshop itinerary, friendly group critique of participants’ submitted photos
  Dinner together (venue to be determined)
Day 1 Monday – From the Marais to the Luxembourg Garden
AM The Marais district with its varied architecture, courtyards, and street scenes
  Lunch in a restaurant in the Marais (included in the workshop fee)
PM Around Notre Dame cathedral and the Seine river. End the afternoon in the Luxembourg garden.
Day 2 Tuesday – A day of contrasts: Montmartre, La Défense and night photography
AM Montmartre with its village atmosphere, the romantic stairways and the secret corners of the hill;
  Lunch in a little café or according to participants’ choice (not included in the workshop fee)
PM The fast pace and modern district of La Défense in contrast with the traditional Parisian scenes
EVE Night photography around the Louvre.
Day 3 Wednesday – In the heart of the city
AM St Germain, its small streets and cafés
PM Free period in the afternoon
EVE Night photography around Notre Dame cathedral
Day 4 Thursday - Review of photos and closing discussion
AM Meet at a designated meeting point. Image critique, review of the workshop and wrap-up discussion
  Farewell lunch together (Included in the workshop fee)

Workshop Details

Payment Details

  •  fees are payable in Euros (€) by secure on-line payment or bank transfer
  •  a non-refundable deposit of 150€ is due when registration is confirmed
  •  the remaining balance (645€) is due 30 days prior to the start of the workshop

Refund Policy

  •  once paid in full, the fees minus the deposit are refundable up to two weeks prior to start date
  •  within 2 weeks of start, no refunds are possible
  •  in case of cancellation by Better Travel Photos, a full refund of all fees paid will be provided

What's Not Included

  •  transportation from your home to Paris
  •  accommodation in Paris during the workshop
  •  any meals and drinks other than those explicitly indicated in the programme
  •  ground transportation around the city during the workshop
  •  travel and emergency medical insurance
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What Others Are Saying

  •  The best travel photo workshop anywhere

    Over the past 15+ years I have taken 7 photography classes including courses in community colleges, the Smithsonian Institution, and Yellowstone Park. In spite of these courses, I was not that familiar with my camera. This was the absolute best workshop I have ever attended: I became much more fluid with using the many functions on a DSLR camera, I learned to think more about composition of the image. And I had a great time. The workshop can help photographers at all levels improve their pictures through a better understanding of technical issues and thinking about composition as a way to tell a story.

    Manon Francoeur and Sophie Pasquet are great hands-on teachers, supportive but never intrusive, with good eyes and great suggestions (quietly presented) on improving pictures. They took us to parts of Paris I never would have found. The morning at La Defense with its steel and glass modern skyscrapers was a surprising and interesting contrast to the traditional iconic shots of Paris. The night photography at the Louvre was magical. I hope to go back to Paris to work with them again. 

    - Steve (US, September 2013)

  •  I was lucky to be part of the 3-day workshop with the perfect tutors - Sophie & Manon - and the perfect students. It was my first visit to Paris, and I wanted to take shots of the lovely city without the disappointment of not using my camera as it should be used, and having the beauty I see captured on my memory card. Sophie and Manon treated every one on her own pace. I took it easy as I was so happy with the results I never expected would accomplish in short time, with simplified instructions for my complicated camera! It was the time of my life! The thrill is also about going to places and strolling with your camera, with no map, we're going to wonderful places with a couple of Parisian ladies who know how to make your day (and your perfect shots). 

    Engy (Egypt, April 2013)

  •  3 Day Workshop - Loved it!

    Just came back from the 3 day photo workshop. Everything about it was spectacular. Everyday we explored at least 2 different neighborhoods including the Louvre and Place de Concorde for night photography. I had been using my camera on the auto mode before the workshop but not now! I learned so much. They made it so easy to understand my camera and worked individually with each of the participants so that each person got the help they needed. This is not only a great learning experience, it's a great way to see Paris. 

    Barbara (US, April 2013)

  •  ... Well the workshop turned out to exceed any and all of my expectations. I became adept at setting shutter speeds (and when to use shutter priority), the same for aperture priority, not to mention exposure compensation! Reading histograms became second nature and ISO adjustments a walk in the park. I could finally discern between good and bad compositions! I took some great pictures! The unexpected plus was meeting and being inspired by so many interesting and talented women in the workshop who had come from all around the world. Some of us are still in touch. What a wonderful, life changing experience! ... 

    Kathleen (US, May 2013)
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can beginners join this workshop?

The workshops are designed to provide something for all skill levels. Extra time will be spent with participants who need guidance operating their camera and understanding photography principles. We encourage you to be as familiar with your camera camera as possible, and bring the manual with you so we can review some functions if necessary.

2. Will experienced photographers learn anything?

Even the most experienced photographers can learn from sharing ideas and getting feedback from other photographers. We discuss composition, visual elements and the art of seeing. In addition to providing new ideas to improve your photography, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of Paris. You will even learn a little about the places we visit as we go.

3. What equipment do I need?

No need to run to the store! Bring your camera and a good pair of walking shoes. If you have several lenses, bring a couple of them, keeping in mind the need for quick reaction in street scenes. In the end, the goal is to help you achieve your photographic objectives with the equipment you already have.

4. How many people do you take on the workshops?

Small groups are always best. The maximum number of participants during the workshops is eight.

5. Can my non-photographer companion come along?

Companions are welcome to join during lunch periods when the group is not actively involved in the instructional activities. There are of course plenty of activities in Paris for the non-photographer companion to pursue during the instructional activities.

6. Where do the workshops start and end?

Meeting points vary every day according to the area explored in Paris. We have an orientation evening at a pre arranged location and review the workshop program with the various meeting points for each morning.

7. What if it rains?

Great photographs are possible in all kinds of weather, even the most inclement. We do not cancel due to rain but we may consider alternative itineraries to stay comfortable and as dry as possible!

8. How do I register?

You can use the on-line registration form to register for all activities. Once we have confirmed availability for your chosen dates, we will send you an information package and an electronic invoice. A deposit of 150€ is required at the time of confirmation to reserve a spot.

9. When and how do I pay?

The deposit payment confirms we will hold a spot for you on the workshop. The balance is payable 30 days prior to departure. All payments are made by secure on-line connection via PayPal, or by money wire transfer for special situations.

10. What if I need to cancel?

The deposit of 150€ is non refundable. Once paid in full, the workshop fees minus the deposit are fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the starting date. Within two weeks of starting date, no refunds are possible.

More detailed information about some of the above questions is set out in our Terms and Conditions, which all tour participants must formally accept at the time of registration for a tour.