Partnership Opportunities

Join our growing network of Partner Photographers and Affiliates

We are looking for photographers, tutors and affiliates that share our vision of delivering exceptional photography experiences to travelling photographers.

1. Seeking Partner Photographers

We offer fun, instructional activities to photographers of all levels as well as portrait photography services to travellers. Our success has been based on a commitment to providing exceptional photography experiences at all time.

We focus on helping clients achieve photographic vision more than pure technical mastery, and on getting it right 'in the box' rather than through extensive post-processing. Our photographers love to share their advanced knowledge of photography and their passion for our destination cities. Some of them are also skilled at getting great portraits using iconic backdrops.

Responsibilities (some or all of the following):

  • deliver our proven program of photography instruction and guiding to our clients;
  • deliver our portrait photography services to our clients;
  • contribute technical and local knowledge and information to educational products;
  • engage with a community of like-minded photography tutors and participants to promote mutual learning.

Essential qualities:

  • clear grasp of the creative process and what makes a compelling image in an urban setting;
  • demonstrated competence as a photographer, with an emphasis on getting it right in-camera (i.e., we are not Photoshop instructors);
  • extensive knowledge of your home city, and the places (famous and not) that make for compelling photographic subject matter;
  • some experience in teaching/training/education or evidence of capacity to convey difficult concepts clearly to beginners;
  • excellent command of English and the language in your home city;
  • demonstrated open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity;
  • clear-spoken and well-mannered, enthusiastic and approachable personality;
  • willingness to learn and implement our program and to grow with the company;
  • legal status that allows you to work as an independent photographer in France.

What we offer:

  • flexible freelance assignments (as instructor or portrait photographer) that correspond to your schedule to supplement your photographer income;
  • orientation, tutor training on our tested instructional program, and ongoing support;
  • payment is for services rendered and according to level of skill and experience;
  • potential for growth for those demonstrating commitment and excellence in developing and delivering our services.

Geographical area:

  • Our priority will be on applications from the cities listed below, but we will review applications for other cities and regions that attract large numbers of traveling photographers;
  • Cities: Paris (France), London (UK), Florence (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech) and Istanbul (Turkey);
  • Note that you should already have a strong portfolio of images in the city for which you apply.

Apply Now

Apply Now

If you are a photographer with a strong portfolio of your home city, you meet the above criteria and are interested in becoming one of our Partners, we want to hear from you.

2. Seeking Affiliate Partners

Our Affiliate Programs create mutually beneficial partnerships that earn you money through your website or blog while helping to spread the word about our photography products and services.

a. How Does it Work?

When you sign up as an Affiliate, you receive coded links to our site that you place on your own website or blog. When someone clicks one of these links to visit our website, our site records who sent them here. If, during the next 14 days, they then purchase an ebook, or register for a photo tour or workshop, you receive credit and a commission. The commission varies depending upon the purchase.

Affiliate Commission Rates

Item Purchase Price Commission
eBook 4-5 US$ 25%
Photo Tours 145-745€ 10%
Photography Workshops 795€ 5%

b. Registering as an Affiliate

We have two separate Affiliate Programs: one for our ebooks and one for our our photo tours and workshops. For now, you need to register for each separately, but we are working on combining them into one.

Registering for the Photo Tours/Workshops Affiliate Program:

    Register Now
  • Complete and submit the pop-up registration form;
  • If we approve your registration, within 24 hours we will send you html code containing the Affiliate links along with detailed instructions for including it on your website or blog, or for using it in tweets.

c. Promoting your Affiliate Links

You can add the html code of the affiliate links anywhere on your website or blog, including in articles, as text links or graphic links (we will provide graphics soon). You can even tweet shortened links with the affiliate codes appended. Of course, the more enticing you make the links, the more likely a visitor will be to click on them, so it works even better if you say a few words about our ebooks or photo tours.

d. Receiving Credit and Getting Paid

You receive credit for purchases made by visitors brought to our site via your affiliate links. On the first working day of every month, we send you an itemized list of credits received for sales in the previous month and at the same time we will make payment of all credited amounts (according to the commission table above) to the PayPal account registered in your affiliate accounts.

If you have any questions about either of these programs, please feel free to contact us at any time.