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Articles tagged with: Tips

"Learn” Serendipity for More Compelling Photos

(c) Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos

Paris is not only the City of Light, but also the city of discoveries. Its busy streets are full of life day and night, which makes it a perfect place for street photography. However, in order to get some really compelling photos, spiced up with a bit of magic, one needs some luck and that is where serendipity can help. Known as one of the most difficult English words to translate, serendipity means the accident of finding something good without looking for it. As one might guess, it is essential for urban photography...

The 3 R's of dealing with an old camera

The 3 R's of dealing with an old camera

With the Holiday Season coming up, you might be hoping for a brand new camera under the tree. I hope you are on Santa's list and that he is generous with you! Now, have you considered what to do with your 'old' camera? Maybe you are a collector and you'll want to keep your good old buddy that accompanied you everywhere and made you happy when you caught 'The Moment'. Even if you are not sentimental, it is still easy to end up with a collection of disused and dusty digital boxes that don't get to see the light of day any longer. If some camera models and well known brands retain some of their value, most digital cameras quickly lose their worth in this ever changing world and quest for new technology. Here are some ideas about what to do with your 'old' camera after Christmas...

So you want to buy a new camera? (Part I)

So you want to buy a new camera? (Part I)

Let's face it. Buying a new camera is a daunting task when there are so many new models out there all the time. With this ever changing industry, it can be tempting to chase the latest and greatest. But realistically, it is impossible... and honestly, not the right approach either. Add all the jargon and camera babble that comes with it, and the result is an utterly confused budding photographer. So, what should you consider when you want to buy a new camera?

Ten Tips for Photographing Fireworks on Bastille Day

Photographing Fireworks

With summer celebrations happening all over, fireworks are often a part of the fun. Many people believe fireworks are too difficult to photograph, but the best thing to do is try and improve each time! From setting up through to camera settings and compositional techniques, here are 10 tips to help you get started...