Ten Ideas for Taking Great Photos in Paris

Taking great photographs in an unfamiliar destination can be challenging! You travel half way around the world and then risk missing out on achieving your photography objectives because it is all so new and overwhelming. Where do you start in a city like Paris, when there are so many opportunities for creative photography?

To help you prepare for your exciting visit, we have put together A Photographer's Guide to Paris: Ten Ideas for Taking Great Photos in the City of Light. This 30-page ebook is packed with information and advice that will allow you to approach photography in Paris as if you have lived there for years!

Features of our Ten Ideas eBook

 Discover Paris through new eyes

Includes ten photography ideas and location suggestions that will help you come home with images that tell a compelling story about your visit to Paris.

 Creative suggestions and technical advice

Improve your photography in Paris with techniques and approaches that are widely-applicable for taking great photos in any urban environment.

 Richly illustrated

Over thirty images of Paris in colour and black & white illustrate the ten ideas to inspire you to experiment and develop your own style.

 Includes location and image meta-data

All images include place names and image meta-data to help you find interesting locations as well as experiment and learn various settings.

 Downloadable PDF

The downloadable PDF file you receive can be printed or viewed directly on your computer monitor, or simply take it with you right on your tablet or smartphone to consult in the streets of Paris.

White iPad Ten Ideas ebook
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